TuxTips.info - Linux HowTos https://www.tuxtips.info Your source of Linux HowTos - concise and friendly tips for Linux users. en-us Lightdm not starting in Arch/EndeavourOS https://www.tuxtips.info/linux/lightdm-not-starting-in-archendeavouros After a fresh installation of Arch Linux or other Arch-based distro you sometimes see a black screen (possibly with an error message). a small change in the lightdm config file might solve the problem. How to make GRUB remember my last choice https://www.tuxtips.info/linux/how-to-make-grub-remember-my-last-choice If you have more than one entry in your GRUB list at boot, it is usually convenient to have the last entry of choice selected by default. Read more to learn how to do it. How to close all open windows in Linux https://www.tuxtips.info/linux/how-to-close-all-open-windows-in-linux Let's say you are in a hurry and want to quickly close all your open windows and shut down your computer. There is actually a way to make it happen in a second. How to install docklike taskbar in Mint 20 XFCE https://www.tuxtips.info/linux/how-to-install-docklike-taskbar-in-mint-20-xfce Docklike taskbar is a great XFCE panel plugin. Its installation on Arch Linux is very easy, but on other distributions it can be problematic. Here's how to install it in Linux Mint 20. How to create a user with home directory in Linux https://www.tuxtips.info/linux/how-to-create-a-user-with-home-directory-in-linux Most Linux distributions automatically create a user (your account) during installation, but you sometimes need to create another user to use the same machine with their separate settings. Here's how to do it.