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How to find out the total RAM usage of an application

08 Jul 2020

Let's say you want to know how much memory your browser (or any other application) uses at the moment. You have an option to run a system monitor / task manager, but it usually shows a list of running processes, many of which have names understood only by Linux nerds and you still don't have the information you need.

There is a simple command you can run in your terminal to learn about the usage of RAM per application. First, you need to install the smem package, then run:

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smem -t -k -c pss -P application | tail -n 1

of course substitute application with the name of the app you are intersted in, e.g.

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smem -t -k -c pss -P firefox | tail -n 1

if you want to know how much memory Firefox uses on your system.
Tested on: Arch Linux, June 2020.
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